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Vitaware Solutions, Incorporated was born from almost 20 years of internet experience starting in the early days of this most amazing evolution in communication technologies. We started navigating the web without a compass, map or any real form of guidance whatsoever. In many ways we were pioneers; many believed the web would never amount to anything more than an interesting form of entertainment. We disagreed and jumped right in. For Spokane SEO- click here.

Our namesake evolves from our start: producing websites in the Natural Medicine field in the early 1990′s selling Vitamins, Herbs, Homeopathics and Nutritional Supplements to discerning individuals and medical professionals the world over. The web provided an inexpensive and impressive medium in which to communicate with like minded people who had internet access. As there were no software applications to actually build websites, a homemade combination of text editors, databases and code generators were used to produce high quality web pages and integrated data sites. This software creation was affectionately called Vitaware.

Vitaware Seo Consulting

The original operation grew to include a dedicated server facility, warehouse and several retail locations, as did the software, which included point of sale, inventory management, vendor modules. All the while we continued to support the service of graphically appealing and well designed dynamic web pages. Always we integrated a custom-designed, ergonomically appealing workspace on our computers called Vitaware.

As time marched on the web grew, things changed, competition was plentiful, so Vitaware grew to analyze data including our own websites, our competitors, and search engine results from Inktomi, Google, Yahoo and others. From the compilation of this wide variety of information, we assessed the market and implemented the best combination of tools and solutions to respond to the needs at the time. Applications to produce internet content and data also became the norm, which allowed us to focus on our software creation of optimizing websites to assist consumers with not only finding us, but enjoying the experience of browsing our thousands upon thousands of products categorized in hundreds of ways. This took a very concerted effort and was a serious organizational endeavor that took place over many years.

Today we are Vitaware Solutions, Incorporated – still a small, yet specialized operation. We now put our efforts into producing elegant and professional websites. But more importantly, we help those websites get discovered, explored and utilized by the intended audience. We all know there are millions of beautiful websites out there. We also know that many of them are seldom seen–unable to be found in the piles upon piles of listings that comprises the present day internet.

Our goal is the same as yours! We want people to see your site, relax and browse around, get educated in ways they may not have been able to previously, and Take Action by either contacting you, purchasing your products or hiring you to assist them with their needs. If we can help your business grow and thrive, we know ours will do the same.

Presently we integrate all the tools and methods needed to compete in the present internet environment. We pride ourselves on remaining current, as the internet landscape changes almost weekly . Search and website directories are constantly evolving, which makes getting interested parties to your site harder than ever. Luckily, here at Vitaware Solutions, that’s all we do! Our job is to keep abreast of what’s working, what’s not, and endlessly experimenting with many of our own sites so we can produce real results for yours.

Give a shout and we would be happy to discuss a variety of options to enhance your marketing efforts. Whether you are just getting started and need guidance through every step, or if you might have some experience and need to tune things up a bit to better serve your clients, or if you’re the professional who needs to offload some important tasks you may not have time to address. We can serve all of these needs.

We are here for you! Contact us. You’re going to be thrilled with the results.


  1. Kyle Dude! Just wanted to drop a note on here (if this is ok) for you! We just got the report on rankings and holy smokes- thanks man- you nailed it for us. Let me know when you can get back to Vegas so we can set up some other campaigns for our xxxxxxx dealership locations. I’ll email you as well to talk about how in the hell you got us where you did- ACD

    • Alex- I got your email. As you made me look like a rock star I left the comments on here ;) I just took out your company name for privacy.
      Glad things went well, we expect them to improve further, thanks for the ego biscuit and for being a stellar client!

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